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R & D


Our product pipeline comprises drugs and drug candidates in various development phases in order to ensure a balanced use of resources and a continuous flow of new products for market introduction.

Drugs are sourced either internally through original research activities or externally through partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

Recordati conducts development activities in the area of cardiovascular disease and in particular as related to hypertension. Recordati’s efforts in this area led to the discovery of lercanidipine, a latest generation drug belonging to the widely used calcium channel blocker class.

Zanipress®/Zanitek®, a fixed combination of lercanidipine and enalapril, is a new specialty indicated for the treatment of hypertension developed by Recordati.

Recordati’s original research is primarily focused on the search for treatments for micturition disorders. In this area, the researchers at Recordati are working on projects for innovative drugs that act through new mechanisms of action or on combinations of well-known products with an unexpected and interesting activity on the bladder.

With the acquisition of Orphan Europe Recordati has a richer pipeline which includes new programmes for the development of treatments for rare diseases.

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