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Why Recordati as a Partner

Recordati was founded in 1926 in Italy and is today a well-established European specialty pharmaceutical group that thanks to its own R&D activities, to partnerships and to acquisitions has grown into a European mid-sized player with a strong and growing interest in emerging markets.

We have:


  • Commercial presence in Western, Southern and Eastern Europe:
  • Affiliates in Western Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom & Ireland), and Central Eastern Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania) as well as Russia and the other CIS countries, plus Turkey thus serving about 80% of the EU market.
  • A strong team of over 1800 well experienced sales & marketing professionals
  • Orphan Europe  a wholly owned subsidiary  dedicated to the development and sale of drugs for the   treatment of rare diseases, a dedicated pan-European organization complemented by a commercial presence in the Middle East and USA  
  • Proven R&D experience in developing drugs treating cardiovascular, urology and metabolic diseases. Examples include both original drugs (lercanidipine, fenticonazole, flavoxate) as well as recently in-licensed products (silodosin, pitavastatin and NX-1207)  
  • Proven capabilities in the management of regulatory procedures and clinical trials in the EU, MENA and the USA  
  • Extensive know-how and full industrial resources covering the manufacturing chain, from active ingredient to finished product (facilities in Italy, France, Ireland, Czech Republic and Turkey)  
  • Financially sound to support R&D investments
  • Long-standing track record and commitment to partnering.
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