Pharmaceutical Operations

Pharmaceutical OperationsPharmaceutical Production

Milan (Italy)

The Milan site occupies a surface area of around 5.000 sq. m. built vertically over a number of floors for a total of 21.000 sq. m. and produces 59 million packs per year. It is specialized in the manufacture and packaging of solid oral forms, liquids, injectables and products for topical use. 

Saint Victor (France)

The plant at Saint Victor covers a surface area of 6,750 sq. m. and is specialized in the production and packaging of liquid, solid oral and spray formulations. It produces 32 million packs per year.

Çerkezköy (Turkey)

The Turkish site in Çerkezköy, built on 45,000 sq. m. of land, occupies a surface area of approximately 11,300 sq. m. and currently produces 57 million packs per year of solid oral and liquid formulations and products for topical use, of which 20% is dedicated to third party production. The plant was declared GMP compliant by the Turkish authorities in March 2016 and by the European authorities for the production of semi solid forms in February 2019. It has a maximum production capacity of 80 million packages.

Utebo - Zaragoza (Spain)

The Spanish plant is situated near Zaragoza covering a surface area of 7,100 sq. m. and is specialized in the production and packaging of solid and liquid oral and topical formulations. In particular, the plant manufactures a line of gastroenterological products. The plant produces around 19 million packs a year. Recently, a project was approved for the installation of a new line for the packaging of tablets in bottles which will increase the annual volumes by around 7-8 million packs.

Ariana (Tunisia)

The Tunisian plant is situated near Tunis. It covers an area of around 9,100 sq. m. and produces liquid, semi-solid and oral solid forms for the local market and for some of the countries in the Arabian peninsula. The plant produces around 19 million packs a year.

Pardubice (Czech Republic)

The plant in the Czech Republic, situated in Pardubice, produces creams, gels and ointments for a total of 2 million packages per year, some of which for third parties.  

Nanterre (France)

A new site in Nanterre for the distribution of products for the treatment of rare diseases is operational. It occupies a surface area of 1,200 sq. m. and is entirely dedicated to the packaging, storage and shipping of rare disease products. An area of 400 sq. m. is office space. The site delivers, upon short notice, more than 27,000 orders annually to more than 60 countries worldwide thanks to its highly qualified staff and a modern GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified logistics platform.