Pharmaceutical Operations

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Recordati BV offers pharmaceutical specialities in Belgium, Luxembourg and in the Netherlands in the following therapeutic areas

ERY® (Luxembourg) (erythromycin)
OTOFA® (Luxembourg) (rifamycin)
PANFUREX® (Luxembourg) (nifuroxazide)
POLYDEXA® (Luxembourg) (neomycin, polymyxin, dexamethasone)

LERDIP®  (the Netherlands) (lercanidipine)
LERTEC®  (the Netherlands) (lercanidipine, enalapril)
LOGIMAT® (Belgium, Luxenbourg) (metoprolol, felodipine)
SELOKEN® (Belgium, Luxenbourg, the Netherlands) (metoprolol) 
SELOKEN ZOC® (the Netherlands) (metoprolol succinate)
SELOZOC® (the Netherlands) (metoprolol succinate)
SELOZOK® (Belgium, Luxenbourg) (metoprolol succinate)
ZANICOMBO® (Belgium, Luxenbourg, the Netherlands) (lercanidipine, enalapril)
ZANIDIP® (Belgium, Luxenbourg, the Netherlands) (lercanidipine)

Central Nervous System
LECTIL® (Luxembourg) (betahistine Bouchara-Recordati)
REAGILA® (the Netherlands) (cariprazine)

CITRAFLEET® (Belgium, Luxembourg) (sodium picosulfate, light magnesium oxide, citric acid anhydrous)
CLEEN ENEMA® (Belgium, Luxembourg) (sodium dihydrogen phosphate anydrous,
disodium hydrogen phosphate anyhdrous)
CLEEN PHOSPHO SODA® (Belgium, Luxembourg) (disodium phosphate dodecahydrate,
sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate)

Gynaecology and Obstetrics
ABUFENE® (Luxembourg) (beta-alanine)
TERGYNAN® (Luxembourg) (metronidazole, neomycin, nystatin)

Musculo-skeletal disorders and Analgesia
MINALFENE® (Luxembourg) (alminoprofen)

Nutrition and related
CALPEROS® (Luxembourg) (calcium)
CALPEROS D3® (Luxembourg) (calcium, cholecalciferol)
VITAMIN D3 B.O.N. (Luxembourg) (cholecalciferol)

OTC/Non prescription pharmaceuticals
EXOMUC® (Luxembourg) (acetylcysteine)
HEXASPRAY® (Luxembourg) (biclotymol)
NEO-CODION® (Luxembourg) (codeine)