Pharmaceutical Operations

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Recordati Pharma GmbH offers pharmaceutical specialities in the following therapeutic areas

ZANIPRESS® (lercanidipine, enalapril)
BELOC ZOK® (metoprolol)
CORIFEO® (lercanidipine)
ENA-LERCA OMNIAPHARM®   (lercanidipine, enalapril)
MOBLOC® (felodipine, metoprolol)

Central Nervous System
NORMOC® (bromazepam)
REAGILA® (cariprazine)

CITRAFLEET® (sodium picosulfate, light magnesium oxide, citric acid anhydrous) 
CLAVERSAL® (mesalazine)
PHOSPHO-SODA® (disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate)

Dietary supplements
FLOSA BALANCE® (psyllium, inulin for gastrointestinal disorders)
ZENTRAMIN® (electrolytes combination magnesium, calcium and potassium) 

OTC/Non-prescription pharmaceuticals
BETADORM® D (diphenhydramine HCI indicated for sleep disorders)
COLLOMACK® TOPICAL (salicylic acid solution, an anti-corn preparation)
DOLOBENE® Ibu (ibuprofen)
DOLOBENE® Cool (isopropyl alcohol)
FORTACIN® (lidocaine, prilocaine)
HYLAK® (lactobacillus substrate, intestinal microbial regulation)
JHP-RÖDLER® (mint oil indicated for digestive disorder, headache, cough and cold)
LAXBENE®  (macrogol)
MIRFULAN® (skin healing ointment)
OSTEOPLUS® (calcium, vitamin D3 for the prevention of osteoporosis)
RHINOPRONT® (pseudoephedrine, triprolidine indicated for rhinitis and head colds)
SILIBENE® (silymarin for treatment of liver disorders)
TIRGON® (bisacodyl for constipation)
XITIX® (vitamin C lozenges to treat vitamin C deficiency)

Musculo-skeletal disorders and Analgesia 
AMBENE® (phenylbutazone)
BINOSTO® (alendronic acid)
DEXABENE® (dexamethasone)
IMBUN® (ibuprofen lysinate)
LIPOTALON® (dexamethasone palmitate)
ORTOTON® (methocarbamol)
RECOSYN® (hyaluronic acid injectable)
SPORTVIS™ (soft tissue adapted biocompatible hyaluronic acid)

KENTERA® (oxibutynin transdermal patch)
SPASURET® (flavoxate)
UROREC® (silodosin)