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Integrating corporate responsibility into a business approach means focusing on creating value for all relevant stakeholders and uniting economic, social, and environmental aspects. 
In this context, the Recordati group has identified its own key stakeholders by focusing on its understanding of how the Group’s social role relates to company activities, with the aim of identifying their expectations and defining actions in response to the legitimate interests expressed. 

The Recordati group’s stakeholders
The group believes that it is fundamental to build and maintain solid and lasting relationships with stakeholders. A relationship based on constant dialogue and active involvement is essential for the generation of value in the long term. In order to engage all of our stakeholders in their activities, optimising their roles and monitoring the possible direct and indirect impacts of the Group’s activities on the relevant parties, the Recordati group implements stakeholder-engagement initiatives.

During 2020, there was important dialogue with stakeholders on sustainability topics. For the purposes of updating the Materiality Matrix, around 150 stakeholders were involved, belonging to all of the different categories, through an online questionnaire. The stakeholders expressed their point of view on the importance of sustainability topics. This dialogue enabled identification of the topics considered most important by the stakeholders, guiding definition of the material topics for reporting in this Statement and the topics on which to focus actions of the Sustainability Plan.