SustainabilityThe Recordati group’s employeesDiversity and equal opportunities

As stated in the Code of Ethics, the Recordati group is committed to guaranteeing that there shall be no form of discrimination whatsoever in the workplace based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, nationality, opinions on political or trade-union matters, religious beliefs, or any other personal characteristics. Therefore, all Group structures are committed to: adopting criteria based on merit, skills and professionalism; selecting, recruiting, training, rewarding and managing employees without discrimination; promoting the integration of employees from other countries. The Group has a good gender balance, with 54% of employees represented by men and 46% represented by women. The breakdown in terms of gender has basically remained the same as previous years.

Percentage breakdown of employees by professional level and gender
All company departments of the Group are committed to creating a working environment where the personal characteristics of individual employees do not form the basis for discrimination of any kind. In order to guarantee this principle, the Group has integrated a management policy which promotes the concept of inclusion, respects diversity and gives all employees a voice so that every contribution is heard and valued.