SustainabilityThe Recordati group’s employeesIndustrial relations

As regards industrial relations, the Recordati group guarantees the right to join unions and collective bargaining rights in all the Countries where it is operative in compliance with current legislation. 

The Group adopts positive and constructive conduct and policies towards workers’ representative organisations and trade unions. Recordati therefore guarantees the right of workers to join and form trade unions, supports alternative means of union association and collective bargaining and ensures that trade union representatives are not discriminated against in the workplace and can communicate freely with their members in full compliance with local legislation. Recordati group companies have an industrial relations system based on involving employees and their representatives in the pursuit of the company’s goals, ensuring constant monitoring of the objectives to be achieved. It is based on dialogue and continued discussion, characterized by correct and transparent relations and aimed at increasing the company’s competitiveness and maximum employment.

As in the previous year, in 2020 approximately 60% of the Group workforce, predominantly located in western Europe, is covered by a collective labour agreement. The solutions and behaviour adopted in the various countries in which the Group operates are in line with the social and institutional context and local legislation, and are always consistent with the fundamental principles of the Code of Ethics and with the Group’s needs.