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The Recordati group operates in highly specialised sectors such as the specialist and general medicine pharmaceutical sector, the treatment of rare diseases and chemical pharmaceuticals sector. In order to operate effectively in these fields, it is essential to collaborate with increasingly highly qualified employees able to bring professionalism and added value to the Group and enable us to confront and overcome market challenges. For this reason, Recordati has always been committed to guaranteeing a proper management policy of human resources as a lever to pursue improved competitive performance and to promote the value of quality performance.

The Group’s policy for the development and optimisation of human resources aims to incentivise professional growth and career development. This policy is founded on the belief that the Group’s results are closely tied to the capacity of our employees to engage their own commitment and talent to achieve goals. The optimisation of human resources is a key priority when fulfilling company roles. The recruitment process is aimed at selecting the candidates that best respond to the profiles required by company departments in accordance with the given time frames, market cost criteria and internal fairness.

To achieve such objectives Recordati adopts a policy towards its Employees which: 
  • attracts and encourages the development of talents, including by collaborating with Schools and Universities and a structured employee selection procedure;
  • encourages employees and collaborators to develop their skills by providing tailored training courses;
  • hangs on to and motivates the most qualified employees and those with potential for development, not just by offering competitive long term remuneration to reward merit but also through a series of initiatives able to foster a sense of belonging to the Group;
  • ensures employees’ well-being health and safety;
  • ensures social equity, equal opportunities and respect for the individual, core values for Recordati which constantly combats all forms of discrimination.
At 31 December 2020, the total number of the Group’s employees was 4,362, an increase compared to 2019, of which 54% were men and 46% women. 

The branch with the greatest increase in terms of personnel was that in the United States, which more than doubled its personnel due to expansion of the rare-diseases business in the field of endocrinology. 

The Group’s workforce is also supplemented by approximately 120 people who collaborate with Recordati in various ways; approximately half of these collaborators are women. 

Subdivision of employees and collaborators by gender, as of 31 December 2020

Percentage breakdown of employees by location*

All Top Managers and Senior Managers, which overall represent approximately 6% of the workforce, are hired locally, in line with the figure for the previous years.
Percentage breakdown of employees by professional level
Approximately 63% of the workforce is composed of employees aged between 30 and 50; 28% are over 50 and approximately 9% are under 30.
Percentage breakdown of employees by professional level and age
The selection process outlined in the recruitment policy can take place internally, through horizontal and vertical career paths designed to develop the technical and professional skills of employees already within the Group or externally through recruitment campaigns conducted directly or using approved recruitment agencies.

In order to optimise the development of human resources, in the case of suitable vacancies and candidates the Group prioritises the recruitment of internal employees. For junior positions, the recruitment process begins at university level, focusing on undergraduates in their final year or new graduates who have been selected according to their university or Master’s specialisation. This policy offers young people the opportunity to embark on a professional path within the Group, in particular in the areas of Finance, Research and Development, Marketing and Industry. To select the best candidates, the Group uses an internal Assessment Centre that aims to assess the transferable skills and communication abilities of the young candidates through group trials and role plays.

With a view to standardising the selection of candidates, a “Recruiting Grid” has been implemented in the HR departments of the various Group companies for several years, aimed at supporting line managers involved in the selection of a new employee during the candidate’s interview process. In a nutshell, this initiative provides a series of prompts aimed at exploring if, and to what extent, the candidate possesses the managerial skills that characterise employees of the Recordati group. During the interview, the manager draws on a series of suggestions on how to engage with the interviewee, such as how to pose questions and which aspects to develop further. Furthermore, the “Recruiting Grid” offers a number of positive and negative indicators to indicate whether a candidate possesses a certain skill.

In 2020, 603 new employees joined the Recordati group, with an inbound turnover rate (the ratio between the number of new employees and the total Group workforce as at 31 December 2020) of approximately 14%, while the number of employees who left the company was 564 with an outbound turnover rate (the ratio of number of people leaving the Group to total Group workforce as of 31 December 2020) of around 13%.

The Recordati group believes that offering a stable and lasting working relationship is an important factor in employee motivation and is essential for the Group’s growth and economic development. For this reason, 94% of all resources are recruited on permanent contracts while 6% are on temporary contracts, in line with previous years. 

Percentage subdivision of employees by contract type (permanent or temporary) and gender
In addition, at a contractual level, 81 people opted for part-time contracts, with a reduction of 9% compared to 2019. 84% of employees on part-time contracts are women. 

Additional information can be found in the Consolidated Non – Financial Statement

*Australasia includes the Turkish branch (Recordati İLAÇ ve Hammaddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.) and the Russian branch (RUSFIC LLC).